Splashes of Color from Lagos Nigeria. A talk with Four.

Splashes of Color from Lagos Nigeria. A talk with Four.
"Betrayal" by Four - https://superrare.com/0x9438210b5a9cf86241d8ca89a2c7cef29b208502/betrayal-1

Today I have the pleasure of sharing a conversation I had with one of my favorite creatives.  “Four” from Lagos, Nigeria.

A talented artist that works across a number of mediums. I became a fan myself when I found his “scarf” collection.

I didn’t understand the collection at first, but after the third piece I finally “got it”. Four and I have been talking for a few months about doing an interview together and we finally nailed it down.

Warren: Where did you get the artist name 'Four' and does it have any direct relation with your works?

Four: The artist name “Four” is one I got from my career start up into the NFT space, where I got advised or better still joined the space through the advice they gave to me about starting up. Three of them, Including me - made it Four.

I got advice to join the space from three of my friends. We still talk as much today, and surprisingly, I got stuck up and even fell much in love with the name, so much that I want it to be an identity. When people say or think of the number four, they think about me and my work.

Warren: Very cool. I know you have some other nft collections but how did "the scarf" happen? That's the one that really caught me.

Four: I have always been under the impression that we are alike in a bunch of ways as humans, We go through similar phases, Trials, Heartbreaks, Successes sometimes and much more.

“To the scarf” series - was a revelation or let me say, An opening to a new era for me - I started out the NFT journey being inquisitive - and I still tend to have that habit.

Leading to this, I have always looked up to a few artists in the space and also learn from them, I Saw their distinctiveness  and figured that I had to come up with an identity - A representation of some sort.

And as I journeyed through my mind, Where my thoughts played hopscotch from one molecule to another, Until they finally explode, Birthing the concept “To the scarf”

So I went on, To create - and I remember that particularly period about 9 months ago, Having conceived this idea and failed constantly trying to execute a particular concept. Till a breakthrough came from sketching the first piece in the series, “Betrayal”. And then, I knew that this was something revolutionary."

"My Lover's Lover" by Four - https://superrare.com/0x9438210b5a9cf86241d8ca89a2c7cef29b208502/my-lover%E2%80%99s-lover-2

Warren: I'd certainly say so. I love how many types of tools were used to create the pieces. the human model aspect, the digital effects on the photography, the natural flows and drape of the scarves in their respective scenes, and the colors. I love the use of color from piece to piece. Gives big Wizkid Essence music video vibes.

I've been noticing a trend with me and certain artists (and this happened with you), I'll see a piece and like it then another a few weeks or months later and like it, but when i see a collective of the same "series" it really elevates the entire collection. So what's next for Four and the "To the Scarf" collection?

Four: Appreciate your emphasis on the use of colors and modeling, They are usually the most difficult parts to work on - because I tend to want to compliment each pieces meaning in sync with the colors. So that when you see a piece from the series, the colors attracts.

As for what's next, there’s not definitive answer to that. It's a "Up-Only" mentality for me. Definitely sure I would face so much down times, but to overcome is to keep creating. The Scarf collection, I look forward to keep pushing much more stories and creating those things that be not as though they were. I also look forward to push for museums and exhibitions. To be in the MoMa, Sothebys, Christie’s and so much more.

Most importantly, to keep creating relationships with artists and collectors.

"Everything is Wrong" by Four - https://superrare.com/0x9438210b5a9cf86241d8ca89a2c7cef29b208502/everything-is-wrong--4

Warren: That sounds promising. I've got to ask though, I've been seeing a few tweets of yours on doing a potential "editions project". Likely? Unlikely? Still looking for inspiration? In development?

Four: Mostly trying to figure out the mechanics. Mechanics, In terms of the edition drop and phases and rewards. The edition piece wouldn’t be photography. It would be a piece of illustration.

“Terror” - A series of 4 parts. For the edition drop, the idea was to give everyone free access to the first part. But following the first part, There is a comic page that tells a story linking to the first part to be released.

I also have the idea not to do any other edition drop till 2024 - so I look forward to making it all worthwhile.

As of December 27th, his edition collection is currently available at https://app.manifold.xyz/c/Terror-TBNE

"One of us is a liar" by Four - https://superrare.com/0x9438210b5a9cf86241d8ca89a2c7cef29b208502/one-of-us-is-a-liar-5