WhO's GoInG tO aRt BaZel? (An Update on Warren3)

WhO's GoInG tO aRt BaZel? (An Update on Warren3)

Hello to all reading this lightly-neglected blog. Been awhile since I've made a post, but I've taken time off to get this right. I wrote the first three articles strictly from the eyes of an enthusiast. I didn't see anyone really covering the space, and I wanted to be that person to give interesting web3 projects the spotlight they deserve.

I stopped writing because I saw what sort of traction this could get if I put proper effort in my writing, AND doubled down on the industry tech. I've hired a brand identity designer/consultant, I'm working with a dedicated front-end developer, and I've been  dropping in on the 0X0Z Agency, IMAGINING what I can build this out to become as a decentralized source of amazing projects...

The go-live date for the new site is 30ish days away, and already have some great collaborations in the pipeline. Emerging artists I've built relationships with half the world away, local fashion brands exploring the space, Sotheby's Institute A.I. talks, plus some collaborations with guys I met through a members' only yacht party in Dubai at the pico-top. Won't lie, I'm pretty excited about it.

Whilst we wait on that to come to fruition, I've noticed that the only things I see on my timeline are the conspiracy theories around SBF/TX and people tweeting "ArE u GoInG to ArT BaZeL?". Everyone is down bad, but everyone still clearly wants to kick it with the gang which is why I love the web3 industry. I'm gonna go to Art Basel and pop up on some events with Doodle, BAYC, and whatever tom foolery I can get into. See you all at Art Basel.